Now Open on the Fourth Floor of The Mall of America

The Fair on 4 - MOA LogoThe Fair on 4 - MOA Logo
Mall of America, Minneapolis MN

The Fair on 4

At The Fair on 4, experience  state-of-art electric Sodi race karts in one of North America's only indoor multi level race tracks filled with an adrenaline rush that will keep you wanting more. This isn’t the old school karts you may have experienced but fast accelerating, corner drifting, excitement that lets you ride with speed, performance, and precision like you've never felt in the past.

Leadfoot Go-Kart pricing is a per race price of $23 to $28 and is very competitive for Go-Kart rentals. Each race is a separate 7 to 10 minute on track rental after a pre race briefing and safety instruction session. Track schedules can be different each day and race time is based on current availability with sessions running 15 to 20 minutes in total.  


Limited online reservations available Monday to Wednesday.  

Thursday through Sunday are first come first serve.


Before you throw axes or ride go karts, you need to sign our participation agreement.

Link to our Participation Agreement


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